Collective of bright and promising representatives of conceptual and art photography curated by Sergey Melnitchenko.
Despite the fact that each artist of the collective is an individual person who is interested in different themes, genres and visual languages, the same time our plans and ambitions are to work on common projects dedicated to sensitive issues which will be interesting for a viewer and showcasing them at gallery spaces, festivals and art fairs.

Maxim Holub

Ksenia Petrovska

Vitaliy Sologub

Vyacheslav Teschner

Vova Lysenko

Anton Malynovskyi

Natali Agryzkova

Artem Gumilevsky

Alesya Tishchuk

Stanislav Ostrous

Maria Gorshkova

Roxolana Zasiadko

Natalia Shcherbyna

Andrei Rublevik

Olia Koval